iTunes: Directing The Musical Current

Times have forced music artists to become more inventive when engaging new audiences. Now, more than ever, there are many accesible platforms for these artists to take advantage of. For so long, the recording industry has blindly held a tight leash dominating the production and distribution of music.

With the advancement of technology, artists are delivering music in an instant form from online sources. Sites like iTunes and Amazon allow fans to download singles, entire albums and even videos. Technology has changed the way we receive our music. With our lifestyle comes so much accessibility; perhaps, the popularity for artists to push content out to us via the internet. There is no secret artists must become creative when it comes to generating revenue. Why shouldn’t artists connect with fans while generating more revenue?

Before I never understood why people would even want to purchase music on iTunes. I didn’t see the value of purchasing a song when the album would be released soon. If I wanted to hear a song I would just log on YouTube and listen.

Despite living in the age where piracy is a norm, iTunes has become one of the leading technologies for people to download music without legal harassment and ambiguous jargon. Moreover, iTunes has increased its popularity with artists and record companies despite forcing then to play by Apple’s rules. The retailer has turned into one of the leading metrics used to gauge success of a single and album. Pending the success on iTunes, many artists reevaluate their strategy of which song to release next.

Popular artists like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and even Rihanna have effectively used iTunes to entice their fans. Now it is easy for them to get a pulse on what people really think about their music before the CD drops. There are many campaigns artists used to help drive sales. All of the countdowns, giveaways and “bonus” tracks help impel traffic to increase the number of songs downloaded. Artists want instant feedback from their fans and sites like iTunes does this.

We are well aware that music is a business. Cultivation is very important when maintaining and building a following. To be successful, an artist must promote. I know I’m not the only who has seen the increased amount of artists constantly pumping out music on iTunes–every week. This new wave of cultivation begs the pockets of fans to support. Not only does this cultivation spark metrics, it also helps map the road our beloved artists take.

Be sure to download…

– Drew-Shane Daniels

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Drew-Shane Daniels is a Philadelphia based writer maneuvering through life and graduate school. Hailing from Dallas, his Southern charm and East Coast hustler mentality fuels his ability to tackle stimulating lifestyle and cultural topics. He’s the creative genius found on his personal blog His work has been featured on Clutch Magazine, Black College Wire and You can also follow him on Twitter @drewshane.



  1. Ken Grace says:

    Great post like always man! I’m still not an iTunes junkie yet though, I’m still buying. CDs lol!

  2. Good piece, Drew! iTunes has tremendous benefits for both artists and consumers, and it has been a blessing for both artists and consumers.

  3. Jessica says:

    Good post Drew-Shane. iTunes has become very popular. I find myself doing the same thing.

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