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These days, when you ask many women what the most important item of their outfit is, they will say, “the accessories.” Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches… There is nothing more frustrating than putting together an outfit and being at a loss for a pair of earrings to wear; and if it aint right, the look just wont work.

There is a new “Jewelry Kid On the Block” whose “Peaces” will have you shining without the need for diamonds, whilst balancing feminine chic with an urban edge. Meet Camille “PeaceImages” Peace, the jewelry designer based in Los Angeles. Everything is handcrafted and her customers are not only U.S.-based, but international, and her popularity is rapidly spreading.

Soul Train: Why did you name yourself Camille Peace?

Camille Peace: My grandma gave me my first name and my last name was given to me by my dad.

Soul Train: How and when did you start making jewelry?

Camille Peace: Whilst repairing some of my own pieces of jewelry, I realized how easy it would be to create some from scratch that were more in line with my personal style. I listed my first few pieces on Etsy, and they sold within days.

Soul Train: Why do you love it so much?

Camille Peace: It feels good to create; to pull images from my my brain, and put them in my hands. It’s a divine process that I feel blessed to take part in.

Soul Train: What is the inspiration behind your “Peaces”?

Camille Peace: I’m inspired by being a black woman with a rich cultural history. I’m inspired by colorful fabrics, textures in paintings, a song, conversations with loved ones. I pull inspiration from everything and everyone.

Soul Train: How does it feel when you see your customers from all over the globe rockin’ your Peaces?

Camille Peace: In addition to still having to pinch myself. I’m overcome with gratitude on a regular basis.

Soul Train: Who did you grow up listening to?

Camille Peace: My parents were big fans of soul music, funk and R&B from the mid 60’s through the ‘90’s. I remember hearing everything from Stevie Wonder, to Bobby Brown; Chaka Khan to Luther Vandross. Gil Scott and Edwin Starr. My mom played several instruments, and my dad was an avid music collector. When I became old enough to pick my own music, my interests were limitless. Madonna, Janet, Mahalia, Badu, Nas, Wu-Tang, DMX, NWA, Fela, etc. Whatever made me feel good.

Soul Train: Have your musical tastes changed much since?

Camille Peace: Only in the sense that I no longer think the music I listen to defines me. I feel free to listen to whatever I want.

Soul Train: How to you keep yourself sane and your mind clear? How does Camille Peace find peace?

Camille Peace: Well I must admit, as the momentum of PeaceImages increases, finding peace is becoming that much harder. What most centers me, are frequent trips to the beach, reading daily meditations, and having daily contact with people who love me.

Soul Train: Why do you feel people love your craft so much?

Camille Peace: I believe people love my craft so much because they can see how much of myself I put into each “peace.” I don’t just make jewelry for the sake of making it. Each item leaves my studio with a piece of me attached to it, and I think they can feel that warmth when they wear their baubles.

Soul Train: So what’s next for Camille Peace?

Camille Peace: Personally, constant spiritual/mental/physical growth. Professionally, taking this show on the road. Look out for me and my jewels in a city near you. I also had a feature in Zooey Magazine in their May Issue. 3 of my “peaces” were worn in an Ashley Tisdale spread. At the end of the month, I’ll have a booth at the UCLA Jazz/Reggae Fest at UCLA during Memorial Day weekend; and In June I’ll be appearing at Threadshow L.A. (www.threadshow.com).

You can find out more on Camille Peace at www.peaceimagesjewelry.com, facebook.com/peaceimagesjewelry, and on Twitter @peaceimages.

– Ayara Pommells

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Ayara Pommells is a writer/ poet who lives in the London, UK and co-owner of UK magazine www.rawroots.com.

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