Train Stop Tuesday: Soul Train Night at Midsummer Night Swing

The weeks are quickly slipping away as we get closer to the Midsummer Night Swing in New York City’s Damrosch Park. The event itself has an entertainment-packed calendar, but we of course are particularly excited about Soul Train night on June 28. And who wouldn’t be?

Even if “classic” Soul Train was before your time, one look at how the Soul Train Gang ran the dancefloor, it’s easy to see what the hype is all about. Our former Soul Train Dancer, Stephen McMillian talked about dance crazes in an earlier column–check out some of the dances that were hot when Afros and bellbottoms were all the rage. For decades, it was absolutely understood that the latest dance moves were learned on Saturday mornings during the Soul Train line showcase. Before the Running Man or even the Moonwalk, these cool kids concocted their own moves, challenging all takers.

If you’re in New York for Midsummer Night Swing on Soul Train Night, get your dance lesson from former Soul Train dancer Tyrone “The Bone” Proctor.

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