Train Stop Tuesday: “Super Bad” James Brown

How could you not love James Brown and his enthusiasm for his craft. Don Cornelius barely got a chance to finish introducing his “Super Bad” performance before he bust into his signature moving footwork.

And speaking of moving and grooving, tell us how you love his funky soul sister getting her dance on. And here you were thinking that The Robot could only be done in slow motion. Her Robot and Locking game is absolutely unstoppable. Even Brown couldn’t help but watch her as he sang. One thing that’s interesting to notice is how some of her dance moves are reminiscent of some recent dances including the Harlem Shake and the Hydraulics–a dance popularized in South Florida. We all know that much of the music of this era was sampled for contemporary hits–especially the work of James Brown, but folks who know and love dance also know that great moves are not only created, they’re borrowed.

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  1. mttnyc says:

    the “funky soul sister” featured in the video is Damita Jo Freeman – one of the original and best Soul Train dancers :)

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