Train Stop Tuesday: Rasta Sun Splash

Reggae and dancehall singer Gyptian, who won Best Reggae Artist at the last Soul Train Awards, was born in Jamaica to Rastafarian father and can many times be seen sporting Rasta colors. Though one of the themes of the Rastafari movement was the rejection of Western society, elements that are commonly associated with Rastas penetrated the mainstream with the popularity of reggae icon Bob Marley. Soon the red, yellow, and green colors of Rastafari (accented with black) evolved into a fashion statement synonymous with a sun-drenched life. Gwen Stefani often uses the Rasta colors in many L.A.M.B. collections, and the Dior Rasta collection featured a mash up of the label’s signature print with red, yellow and green. Get ready for your own Sunsplash with some of these Rasta-hued looks.

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