Rhian Benson – Hands Clean | Album Review

Ghanian MOBO Award-winning singer/songwriter Rhian Benson has taken eight years to release her brand new album, Hands Clean – the follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut album, Gold Coast (2003). A lot has happened in those eight years – music has evolved, cycles have come and gone and come again – and while others had already resigned to remembering Benson as a “one album wonder,” the eternal question on many lips was whether Benson still had that certain something she blessed us with on Gold Coast to be able to command an audience in 2011. Hands Clean goes a long way in answering all those questions and more.

While the electronic production on Hands Clean will throw Rhian Benson’s traditional fans off at first, the music of the new album is not inferior to that of Gold Coast; it is just totally different and we must applaud Ms. Benson for being able to take this leap. It would seemingly be so easy for Benson to make another album in the same vein as Gold Coast – it would have been a good album, probably well-received and positively more open to mainstream success – but thankfully, she’s chosen to test herself and challenge her listener. Read more >>

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