Sound Check: Prince Sammie – Coming of Age


It’s hard for music artists to really stay current and relevant in the R&B game, especially when the precedence was set at an early age.

For Prince Sammie, he knows that staying true to his fans and not allowing disconnect between the two is a constant reminder of who he is as an artist. With recent releases of mixtapes, it’s no wonder fans are still are sticking with their former teen “I Like It” heartthrob.

While many artists often conform to current trends to grasp relevancy or make a quick dollar, Prince Sammie continues to show why it takes more than a hot record to define success.

Prince Sammie said he was never about that- it’s about longevity. After a successful debut at the young age of 12, veteran Prince Sammie is back with his third studio album, Coming of Age to be released this year.

Growing up in the industry, it’s no doubt he understands the game.

Soul Train: How have you grown musically over the past few years?

Sammie: Since my sophomore project, I’ve grown substantially. I write all my music. And now with my mixtapes everywhere, I can talk about content that doesn’t have to be too commercial or radio friendly. I appreciate that because I can be more genuine and talk about things I am going through currently. Then I become a student to the game. I’ve been through a lot ups and downs where I had to grow up. I don’t want to be here today and gone tomorrow.

Put It On My Tab (feat. Trey Songz) - Sammie
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Soul Train: You mention growing up and being a student to the game. What is the hardest challenge you’ve had to endure thus far?

Sammie: The hardest challenge would be trying to find that balance politically to be in the right situation at the right time with the right record with the right team to execute. It is so many different elements that have come together to make a project successful and to make a star a superstar. So I’m just trying to put together the right pieces to my puzzle to be able to showcase my full potential. That’s the hard part.

Soul Train: Being established as a rising star at an early age, your fan base has grown and also grown up with you. How would describe your fan base?

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